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Looking for specific stories between the N/P!!

Here goes.

I'm basically NEW to the pairing/show/stories etc..I just got into the pairing/show; so, I'm JUST now searching for stories between the two brothers.

JFYI; I've looked through EVERY SINGLE thread/post at 'Heroes fic-finders' and have not found what I was looking for..

I'm wondering if there is ANY story out there that has Peter as a female or suddenly turning into one and back etc..ANY form of the request is fine but I can't seem to find any such fic, except for ONE and that's about it!!

Can someone rec me something of the gender-bending of Peter Petrelli pairing with Nathan, of course!

Thanks In Adv!!


P.S. Oh, I've requested this at 'Hero fic-finder' but nobody seems to reply but any kind of lengthy, well written story would be appreciate also...

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