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The Flying Petrellis

Den of Petrelli slash

Den of Petrelli slash
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Made by brandinsbabe

Welcome to flyingpetrellis. This community is centered around the relationship between Nathan and Peter Petrelli of the NBC show Heroes. While this communities main focus is Peter/Nathan slash gen and het are accepted as long as the main focus of the post is about the characters relationship. Also, anything about the actors is accepted here because we love them just as much.

- No posts that not relate to the above are allowed (so no Peter/Claire stories that don't heavily focus on the Peter and Nathan).
- Be respectful to other members, if you are having a problem with another member please contact chosenfire28 or just_chiara.
- This is a no flaming zone. Since the majority of posts here are/will be about a homoerotic incestous coupling we are aware there are some who will take offense to that. You don't belong here and your opinions on the matter are not welcomed.
- Tag all your entries appropriately. This makes things easier to find and makes things more organized.
- All fan fiction must be under an lj-cut, even if it is a drabble.
- All fan fiction must include a header that includes Title, Author, Rating, Disclaimer, Spoilers, and Summary. Anything else is up to you but especially take out the time to do a Disclaimer and warn for any spoilers that might be in your fic.
- All fan art posts must be placed under a cut. When posting icons only use three teasers.
- Community promotions/ challenge promotions are allowed. Just use the appropriate tag and don't spam the community. Also if you are running a challenge and would like to promote regularly at the comm contact chosenfire28 or just_chiara.

Past Community Challenges
Header Competition
- Rules can be found HERE
- Winners can be found HERE

Current Community Challenges
To Be Announced


If you would like to be affiliate with the community please message chosenfire28 or just_chiara

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